Welcome to Curaçao National Commission for UNESCO



Secretary General – Ms. Marva C. Browne

Bon Biní, to the web-site of the Curaçao National Commission for UNESCO, as spoken in the native language of Curaçao, meaning welcome.

On behalf of the Curaçao National Commission for UNESCO and its secretariat, with this web-site we would like to present to you the most relative information about the activities that are taking place in Curaçao with regard to the programme and projects of UNESCO. There is also a link with the web-site of the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, where you can get more information about the overall activities of UNESCO.

The Curaçao National Commission for UNESCO is using the abbreviation NUC for the National UNESCO Commission to indicate its organisation as NUC-Curaçao. When Aruba became Associate Member of UNESCO and the Netherlands member  they also, together with Suriname, maintained this abbreviation, in Dutch and in English to indicate their organisation as NUC-Netherlands, NUC-Aruba and NUC-Suriname. For this reason on our web-site this abbreviation is maintained. In Papiamentu however, the abbreviation UNESCO-Curaçao is used to indicate our organisation.

We hope you can find the information you want on our web-site. If there is anything still missing that you want to know, please feel free to contact any member of the Curaçao NatCom or from the secretariat,

Have a pleasant surf,

Ms. Marva C. Browne

Secretary General