UNESCO’s MDIs in the Caribbean


Photo by Curaçao NatCom

IPDC has developed a comprehensive set of Media Development Indicators (MDIs) aimed at enabling the assessment of media landscapes at national level. These indicators, that cover all aspects of media development, are currently being applied in various countries worldwide to identify their specific needs in view of guiding the formulation of media-related policies and improving the targeting of media development efforts.

Curaçao was selected as pilot for the English and Dutch Speaking Caribbean to implement the Media Development Indicators, within which the media can best contribute to, and benefit from, good governance and democratic development. The objective of the MDI study is to understand the current status of media development in Curaçao and identify gaps in media development in terms of policy and capacity building and also provide some concrete proposals for policy interventions.

The MDI investigation has been the most challenging activities of all for the NatCom. The reason being lack of sufficient funding to execute the project to satisfaction, but this was resolved in a creative way, in which for instance the University of Curaçao donated the hours of the Lead Researcher; students of the university were involved as was the case with other entities.

Workshop on First applications of UNESCO’s Media Development Indicators in the Caribbean begin.

UNESCO is using the IPDC Media Development Indicators (MDIs) for the first time in the Caribbean region to assess the national media landscapes of Curaçao and the Dominican Republic. In partnership with the Curaçao National Commission for UNESCO and HQ a training workshop was organized on 12-13 September, 2013 in Willemstad, Curaçao for the research team in charge of the assessment in the former island territory of the Netherlands Antilles.

The training, provided by MDI coordinator Saorla McCabe, was attended by the seven members of the research team from the University of the Netherlands Antilles (UNA) now University of Curaçao and the Secretary-General of the Curaçao National Commission for UNESCO, Marva Browne. The Review Team and the Advisory Committee, composed of a variety of stakeholders representing the media sector, were also involved in the training, and will provide guidance and feedback to the research team throughout the implementation of the study. The investigation is done in close consultation with the Jamaica Office and the IPDC section Paris.

More on MDI: http://www.unesco.org/new/en/communication-and-information/resources/publications-and-communication-materials/publications/full-list/media-development-indicators-a-framework-for-assessing-media-development/