Supporting Curaçao’s STI Policy development

Supporting Curaçao´s STI Policy development

This is a project that received funding under the Participation Programme (PP) from UNESCO for 2014-2015.
The Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport received funding to help with the work sessions with the goal to prepare a diagnostic document on STI.

Objectives and output
The objectives for this project are:
• Supporting Curaçao’s STI Policy development;
• Exploring general STI policy issues;
• Prepare a diagnostic document which will serve for the actual drafting of the STI policy. The document “A Framework for Science Policy” in Curaçao will be taken into account;
• Create awareness and obtain Buy-in from different stakeholders.

The output is:
• A diagnostic document;
• Awareness, support and Buy-in from stakeholders;
• A sound STI policy for Curaçao.

Various stakeholders will be consulted in the process such as:
• University of Curaçao;
• Ministry of Economic Development and other Ministries;
• National Archaeological Anthropological Memory Management (NAAM)
• Caribbean Research Management of Biodiversity (CARMABI) ;
• United Nations Development Program (UNDP);
• Central Bureau of Statistics
• Sint Elisabeth Hospital

The picture


Working group Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport with Stakeholders.

gives a view of the working groups working on the information for the diagnostic document.