Man and the Biosphere Programme in Curaçao



Boca Sami                                                            photo by NatCom

The intent of the committee as expressed at the first meeting on December 17, 2012 was to prepare a “mission statement” that will clearly explain what a Man and Biosphere project means for the island of Curaçao and aid in gaining support for the idea from both politicians and the general public. The development of the mission statement is a formative step in completing the nomination process to be submitted to UNESCO.

The Ministries of the government that are important to the MAB project were identified as the Ministries of Education, Science, Culture, and Sport, the Ministry of Public Health, Nature, and Environment, and the Ministry of Economic Development.

Mark Hawkins, the Acting Chair of the UNESCO Chair on Caribbean SIDS, was elected chair of the MAB Committee.

The proposed biosphere area is “The Middle Curaçao Biosphere Reserve.”  The area contains two RAMSAR sites and six core areas, comprised of four land core areas and two marine core areas. The geographic area has been planned as well as a general idea of the activities that will take place in it, including school tours, demonstration projects, guided and self-guided tours, and a variety of possible economic activities.

It was announced that the Minister of Public Health, Nature, and the Environment had signed a letter of support for the Middle Curaçao Biosphere Reserve.


Members of the UNESCO MAB National Committee include:

Carl Camelia, SEDECK
Ciaretta Profas, Ministry of Public Health, Nature, and Environment
Faisol Ayoubi, Curaçao Tourism Board
Gersley Gijsbertha, Ministry of Economic Development
Jacinto Ras, Ministry of Public Health, Nature, and Environment
Lloyd Narain, Amigu di Tera
Mark Hawkins, University of Curaçao
Marva Browne, Secretary-General, Curaçao National Committee for UNESCO
Miriam Jonker, VVROP
Paul Stokkermans, CARMABI
Claudia Kraan, NAAM
Wilfred Geertruida, ADECK
Faisol Ayoubi, Curaçao Tourism Board